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Pachomius as Reflected in the Difnar

Pachomius as Reflected in the Difnar

(p.79) 8. Pachomius as Reflected in the Difnar
Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt
Gawdat GabraHany N. Takla
American University in Cairo Press

A well-known and extensive Vita of Pachomius in the Bohairic language has been handed down, giving many details about his life and his monastic community (Lefort 1953). It draws upon the so-called Difnar, which, as a liturgical collection, obeys its own rules, different from those of the biographical literature. The hymns of the Difnar, which have been sung over the centuries in the communities throughout the Coptic Church, are one of the main factors contributing to the survival of the Coptic Church and to the preservation of its traditions. In the Adam section, Pachomius's relationship with God and Christ, and his role for the faithful as a whole is the subject. This enables the praying and singing believers to identify themselves with those who have been presented by Pachomius.

Keywords:   Pachomius, Difnar, liturgical collection, Adam, Coptic Church

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