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Coptic Texts from Western Thebes

Coptic Texts from Western Thebes

Recovery and Publication from the Late Nineteenth Century to the Present1

(p.63) 7 Coptic Texts from Western Thebes
Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt
Gawdat GabraHany N. Takla
American University in Cairo Press

The indigenous population quickly noticed travelers' interest in the ancient monuments, and the search of the ruins was on for antiquities that might be sold directly or through dealers in anticas to the tourists. When the Egypt Exploration Fund (EEF) relinquished the concession for Da'yr al-Bahari, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA), New York, acquired it and excavations continued under the direction of Herbert E. Winlock. More than a thousand inscribed pieces were found, but they were not nearly so well preserved as those that Naville salvaged. This suggested to Winlock that they, too, had been found but discarded by Naville, on account of their poor condition. The succeeding decades witnessed the excavation of a series of Christian settlements and monasteries at Western Thebes (Krause 1982; Wilfong 1989). The excavations of the University of Pennsylvania also yielded Coptic ostraca that remain unpublished (Wilfong 1989: 126).

Keywords:   Egypt Exploration Fund, Da'yr al-Bahari, antiquities, Herbert E. Winlock, Christian settlements, Western Thebes, Coptic ostraca

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