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Once More: Nabis, Bishop of ′Aidhab/Berenike1

Once More: Nabis, Bishop of ′Aidhab/Berenike1

(p.45) 5 Once More: Nabis, Bishop of ′Aidhab/Berenike1
Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt
Gawdat GabraHany N. Takla
American University in Cairo Press

Muyser has pointed out that the Arabic text bears all the indications of a translation from the Coptic, and that the Scala copte 44 identifies “Aidhab” with Berenike. According to the text of the Synaxarion, Bishop Nabis was born in a village near Coptos and became a monk at an early age. Bishop Nabis did not reside in “Aidhab” but in a small church at Coptos. When it was necessary for the bishop to go there himself, the Beja, a tribe that lived in Nubia and the Eastern Desert in Upper Egypt, carried him and the church ornaments on their camels, receiving a price for the hire of their beasts. The life of Pesynthios also records that Patriarch Theophilus (385–412) consecrated John, the younger brother of Pesynthios, as bishop of the diocese of Hermonthi.

Keywords:   Muyser, Bishop Nabis, Coptos, Aidhab, Berenike, Beja, Pesynthios, Patriarch Theophilus, Hermonthi

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