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The Monasteries of Naqada

The Monasteries of Naqada

(p.271) 23 The Monasteries of Naqada
Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt
Gawdat GabraHany N. Takla
American University in Cairo Press

Naqada is an ancient town, lying on the western bank of the Nile opposite Qus and south of Qena. The majority of the churches date to the eighteenth century or even later. During the past twenty-five years the monasteries have been extensively rebuilt, restored, and reoccupied by monks or nuns. For most of the twentieth century, travelers and scholars visiting the deserted monasteries of the Naqada region found nearly all the churches, old and new, neglected or in ruin. Of the four churches that were once part of this monastery, only the Church of St. John remains standing as a ruin (Grossmann 1991b: 820). The remains of this church are considered the only true medieval building surviving in the area between Naqada and Qamula (Grossmann 2004: 26).

Keywords:   Naqada, churches, monks, monasteries, Qamula, Church of St. John

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