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The Arabic Lives of St. Pachomius1

The Arabic Lives of St. Pachomius1

(p.157) 15 The Arabic Lives of St. Pachomius1
Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt
Gawdat GabraHany N. Takla
American University in Cairo Press

The first scholar to edit an Arabic and Coptic text of Pachomius's biography — Life of St. Pachomius — with a translation preceded by a long introduction was Walter E. Crum. There were, he wrote, many manuscripts dealing with the lives of the two saints. Some were in Paris and the Vatican, and others in Egypt (one in Luxor, another in the Monastery of al-Muharraq (Dayr al-Muharraq) in Asyut, and the third in the Library of the Coptic Patriarchate). Crum's study was the subject of a brief comment by Lefort, also in 1913 (Lefort 1913), who reconfirmed Crum's opinion that the Vatican manuscript was translated from the Sahidic, and showed that a part of that original text was already to be found in the Pierpont Morgan collection.

Keywords:   Arabic text, Coptic text, Lives of St. Pachomius, Walter E. Crum, saints, Egypt, Paris, Vatican

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