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New Ostraca from Thebes

New Ostraca from Thebes

(p.1) 1 New Ostraca from Thebes
Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt
Gawdat GabraHany N. Takla
American University in Cairo Press

The ostraca were found scattered throughout the hermitage, but most of the material came from the dump. The ostraca presented here come from excavations in Western Thebes. They were mainly inscribed on potsherds; there are also a certain number of texts written on limestone flakes. The number of ostraca found as of 2007 has been estimated to be 210 pieces; however, this number is still not established conclusively, as some separated fragments may eventually be placed together. The tomb itself does not have a TT number typical for the Theban region. They are diverse in content, some of them were written for the sake of practice writing. Few bear biblical texts, such as psalm (the ostracon K.O. 158 contains the two last verses of Psalm 145 and Psalm 146).

Keywords:   ostraca, Thebes, potsherds, tomb, Theban, psalm

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